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Fire Scene Investigations

Examination of burn patterns and physical evidence to determine the origin and cause of a fire.  Analysis of debris for accelerants.  Evaluation of furnaces, appliances, electrical, etc.
If necessary we have access to electrical and mechanical engineers and other qualified specialists.

Accident Investigation

Complete investigation and reconstruction of vehicle accidents. Examination of tire failure, lamp on-off determination, paint comparison, mechanical failures, speed from skid marks, cause analysis, etc.

Other Services

  • Chimney Inspections - To determine the condition and cause of any reported damage.  Many fireplace and chimney problems are incorrectly reported as having been caused by a chimney fire.
  • Structural Inspections - Examine roofs with respect to reported wind or hail damage.  Examine attics, crawlspaces, and basements to determine the cause of water damage.
  • Laboratory Examination of Evidence - Analyze and identify paint involved in vehicle accidents, test gasoline and engine oil for contaminants, examine vehicle lamps to determine if they were on or off at time of the accident, accelerant analysis, product evaluation.
  • Lightning Damage Inspection - Examine air conditioning equipment, electronic equipment, appliances, etc to determine if a failure is a result of normal use or a lightning induced power surge.  Use of lighting detection services.
  • Video Taping and Photography - For technical and legal matters.  Specialist in aerial photography.